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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Student Loans

Jul 05, 2018



Is a student loan about to enter your family? You can’t afford to miss this FREE webinar.

Learn what your student is getting into when they accept a federal loan. Did you know they could owe $27,000 with one signature? Can’t attend July 19th? Register and watch at your convenience.


Are you stressed about the college loans your student is taking?

This webinar will provide clear, concise, easy to understand information about the federal student loan program that more than 60% of all students use to pay for college.

  • Learn the unique student loan language, like sub vs. unsub, grace periods and servicers
  • Understand the basic terms, fees, interest rate and repayment options
  • Get tips to help students minimize the amount they borrow (and pay back)

And more!

The student loan they take today may be a cause of stress for you tomorrow. Know before they owe — #MyCollegeCorner can help.



Can’t attend on July 19th?

Register and watch a recording of the webinar at your convenience.