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Finding Balance: Parenting Through the College Admissions Process

Aug 10, 2018




We all want our children to succeed independently with the college process, but we also don’t want them to run in the wrong direction, especially considering the costs.
On the road to college, many steps will be required and many questions will arise. This webinar will cover…
  • What should be done during freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to ensure the best options?
  • Advice on performing an effective college search and having a compelling application.
  • Guidance on how to help your child stay on the right track and have success without being a helicopter parent.
  • Tips on how to keep the peace at home during the admissions and financial aid process
We invite you to join “Finding Balance: Parenting Through the College Admissions Process” webinar where our experts will guide parents through this big transition as their children move forward into higher education.