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A Guide to Free College Money and Less Student Loan Debt

This recent article “Dos and Don’ts For College Scholarships” talked about free money for college such as grants and scholarships, and offered general tips on how to search for free money.

Making a College Visit Pay-Off

A visit to a college campus is a very important part of the process of finding a college that is a great academic, social and financial fit.  The very first point: make sure your son or daughter is enthusiastically on-board and engaged in making the plans.

Take the first step to win the financial aid game

That sounds odd, doesn’t it, “to win the financial aid game.”  You don’t have to stretch very far to see that the financial aid process has characteristics of a game: there is a rulebook, a referee (the U.S. Department of Education), a defined time period and rewards at the end for the winners.  Unfortunately, as we’ve recently learned, there are cheaters too.