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<strong>Increasing ROI on Your Investment in College</strong><strong></strong>

Calculating a precise Return on Investment (ROI) of a college degree is less important than taking actions that will result in better returns. We can put the calculator away and think simply about how to increase the Return on Investment for education.

Maximizing educational ROI boils down to:

  • Minimizing the total amount paid for college (the “cost”), and
  • Increasing the income earned from the college experience (the “return”).

<strong>What to Know about the FAFSA® Form: Current & Future</strong>

This article will:
  • Tell you why filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is important no matter what your family income may be,
  • Discuss the Academic Year 2023-2024 FAFSA® form, and
  • Outline the likely changes to the FAFSA® form to be used in 2024-25

<strong>Plain talk: what student loan forgiveness means for you</strong>

There is something for just about everyone in President Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan: current undergraduates, graduate students, and parents alike.

But, as with all government programs, the devil is in the detail. This article will help you figure out which of the new benefits applies to you.