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Turning a college strategy into a debt free degree…

Sep 12, 2018

Academic strategist Jeannie Burlowski is on a mission to help soon-to-be college students complete their degree with little (or zero) debt. Host John Hupalo covers a tremendous conversation about what it takes to strive towards achievable goals with an eye for detailed plans.

Parents taking a look at housing for their college students transitioning out of high school will notice the different options come with pros and cons. It's best to weigh the options by considering the personal and social needs of your student while staying on budget for your family. Understanding the details will keep you from getting overwhelmed! Let's take a closer look.

Parents know all too well the importance of time management.  While saving money is often a top of mind topic, saving time is equally important and a life skill worth developing.. What are some ways parents can help their kids improve their time management as they transition through college?  Let's consider how they can take control over their time and accomplish goals effectively.

When facing challenges with managing loan repayment, borrowers have resources to help get back on track. Kevin Fudge, Ombudsman for American Student Services (ASA) shares insight on how to best manage resolutions and get into great financial shape after graduation. Join the conversation on #MyCollegeCorner podcast with host John Hupalo.