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How new college students can acquire and build strong…

Jan 23, 2019

Building good credit is one of the most important aspects of transitioning from college to adulthood. A high credit score can make it easy to leverage lower rates on future auto and home loans. A credit report may be accessed as part of job screenings, so maintaining solid standing is a positive.

While everyone loves holiday presents, one great gift parents can pass to their children is a discussion about money and making a budget. Ok, it’s not the most exciting topic, but it is one that high school and college students need to think about.  For the pre-high school crowd, a basic understanding of saving and spending goes a long way to setting them on a course for success in the years to come.

For some students, the college interview may be their first ever formal interview with a prize on the line: admission to the college. An interview can be an important piece of the admission puzzle, along with academics and extracurriculars, and may even help maximize your student’s merit-based financial aid (free money awarded by the college, not based on family finances).