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My College Corner Podcast 2018 Holiday Highlights

Dec 18, 2018

Happy holidays from My College Corner! We were so glad to feature many podcast guests in the 2018 year and put together a highlight including Phil Black, Kathleen Carey, Jeannie Burlowski, Vince Passione, Ethan Binder and Cary Green. Each guest shares a unique story of inspiration helping our listeners find answers to their most important college questions.

For some students, the college interview may be their first ever formal interview with a prize on the line: admission to the college. An interview can be an important piece of the admission puzzle, along with academics and extracurriculars, and may even help maximize your student’s merit-based financial aid (free money awarded by the college, not based on family finances).

Preparing for college admissions essays is a great opportunity to put the student's best foot forward, and may even help boost the odds for scholarship funding in certain applications.  In this episode of the My College Corner Podcast, Kathleen Carey, founder of Find Your Story shares expert advice on how to move college essays from ordinary to extraordinary. founder Ethan Binder is on a mission to help students locate the right tutor and find success with challenging classes. Anyone that has ever faced tough classes may have found that the right tutor makes all the difference - especially if the topic feels a bit overwhelming in a classroom setting. The personal touch and direct attention provided by a tutor is a lifesaver!