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The Facts, Not the Hype, about Student Loan Forgiveness

Feb 05, 2020

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic. Here are six facts to help you make sure you don’t get burned by the hype around loan forgiveness. Know the facts now to avoid taking a loan expecting that it will be forgiven only to find out that you don’t qualify after making ten years of payments.  

When you buy expensive things -- a TV, a car, a house --, you most likely take more and more time to carefully consider the risks, rewards, and probable outcomes associated with the purchase as the price increases. No one wants to waste hard-earned money. In addition to knowing the purchase price, you will likely have a good handle on the ultimate cost, including after-purchase expenses such as maintenance and insurance. This is true for nearly all consumer transactions -- except for purchasing an education.

That sounds odd, doesn’t it, “to win the financial aid game.”  You don’t have to stretch very far to see that the financial aid process has characteristics of a game: there is a rulebook, a referee (the U.S. Department of Education), a defined time period and rewards at the end for the winners.  Unfortunately, as we’ve recently learned, there are cheaters too.