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Why is the cost of college different for every…

Nov 27, 2020

When people buy things, they know the price and act accordingly. For inexpensive stuff, Apple-pay, a debit card or cash is offered without much analysis. With increasingly more expensive items, such as a TV, a car, or a house, consumers research. They consider options and shop around to determine what is affordable and how to pay the bill.

Picking a student loan that meets your needs requires an understanding of some basic concepts. Student Loan Basics empowers you with information to make informed choices to borrow for college and manage the debt after college.

This article explains the important differences between consolidating and refinancing student loans.

Selecting a college has long been a stressful process for high school seniors and their families.  The Class of 2021 also has the added stress of applying during the pandemic. It may sound a little strange, but high school seniors may be able to use the disruption to their advantage.

Here are three tips to encourage students to think outside the box and make a great college choice.