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Finding the right tutor just got easier! founder Ethan Binder – My College Corner Podcast

Oct 24, 2018 founder Ethan Binder is on a mission to help students locate the right tutor and find success with challenging classes.

Anyone that has ever faced tough classes may have found that the right tutor makes all the difference – especially if the topic feels a bit overwhelming in a classroom setting. The personal touch and direct attention provided by a tutor is a lifesaver!

But finding the right tutor at an affordable price can sometimes keep disadvantaged students from gaining the help they need.

As Ethan explains in the interview, his platform changes this paradigm and increases access to affordable tutoring services. GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college students who are available to tutor on specific topics.  Learn more on the #MyCollegeCorner podcast!  (Click Pic and listen on Soundcloud)