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My College Corner founder John Hupalo featured on Bloomberg – Facing down the student debt crisis

Sep 05, 2018

John Hupalo, founder of My College Corner was featured on Bloomberg #DayBreak with Alix Steel and David Westin, covering the critical topic of student lending.  This is a big issue, and John shared his insight to help find student loan debt solutions, especially for families planning for college now.

  • Student loan debt should be the last resort, not the first option when trying to pay for college.
  • Colleges are allowed to package loans as part of the financial aid award letter, so students see an easy payment option.  2/3rds of all the defaulters are $10,000 or less.  There’s a college completion problem. Let’s help people get though college a bit quicker without all this debt.  We need to make wiser choices up front.
  • Saving a dollar today is better than borrowing one tomorrow!

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