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America Saves Week

America Saves Week 2018: A Big Opportunity

Mar 01, 2018

For more than 10 years, the Consumer Federation of America has sponsored America Saves Week during the last week of February. This year, America Saves Week events start Monday, February 26th and run through Saturday, March 3 with a huge variety of events – here is a  full-list of ASW18 activities.

My College Corner believes that saving a dollar today is better than borrowing one tomorrow so we jumped on the #ASW18 bandwagon with full gas.

In addition to hosting a Twitter Chat (#ASW18) at 2pm Eastern on Monday, February 26th, on the topic of “Saving with a Plan for Education,” we interviewed five industry leaders who shared their passion for helping families save for education.

Each of these short interviews is chock full of great advice and insight.  Many thanks to our guests for their passion and dedication to increasing financial literacy and encouraging savings.

Maddie Daniels, Communication Director of Consumer Federation of America, and I talked about America Saves Week and the activities planned for each day in this interview.

In this interview, Treasurer Curtis Loftis of South Carolina discusses the work of the College Savings Plans Network, the role of Treasurers across the nation in promoting good savings habits, his office’s emphasis on financial literacy and the fun he has talking to elementary school children about financial literacy.

Rich Polemini chairs the College Savings Foundation – a non-profit organization with a mission of helping American families achieve their college savings goals.  Rich’s interview focuses how CSF is building public awareness of 529 Savings Plans, the expansion of 529s as a result of the recent tax reform legislation and the many benefits of 529 College Savings Plans.

Wayne Weber, Founder and CEO of GiftofCollege, explains in this interview that most 529 programs across the country now make it easy for families and friends to contribute to a loved one’s college savings with gifting programs, and how his GiftofCollege gift cards, now available at retail locations, help increase college savings.

In my interview with Sam Renick, Founder and CEO of The “It’s a Habit” Company, Sam focuses on his mission with Sammy Rabbit and “It’s a Habit” to provide children, families and organizations with educational and entertaining tools (songs, stories and more) to encourage good habits, especially saving money.

Finally, a special shout-out to Mayor Walsh’s office in Boston for their outstanding Boston Saves initiative and to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Treasurers Fortis of South Carolina and Magaziner of Rhode Island, and many others for supporting America Saves Week and our shared mission of increasing financial literacy in America.